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Your Unique Brilliance: Self-Help for Entrepreneurs

Jun 1, 2023

Join Nicola in today’s episode where she introduces Ryan Dusick, now Therapist and previously the founding drummer of the world’s most popular band, Maroon 5 with Adam Levine.

Discover Ryan’s journey of fame, loss of identity, addiction and making it back to a new life with failures, mistakes and owning his vulnerability.

You will hear about Ryan’s real life stories with Maroon 5, and the painful journey through depression, alcoholism and finally leaving the band he had grown with since the age of 15.

This episode is exceptionally transparent and authentic as Ryan talks about his latest book Harder to Breathe, and how he wants to spread the message that recovery is possible from life’s traumas, anxiety, failures and addiction.

Ryan bares his soul in this episode that is nothing less than courageous as he discusses what happened to him during his fame, how he broke down with physical and mental health challenges and turned his life around after rehab at the Betty Ford Clinic.

For all of us feeling the need to be in constant perfection, afraid of making mistakes, feeling that its too late to redefine ourselves and create new identities, join Nicola and Ryan as they discuss overcoming low self-esteem, the downside of pushing through life without taking the time to reset, how to stay teachable, curious and as Ryan says ‘ failing upward’ and growing from our mistakes.