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Your Unique Brilliance: Self-Help for Entrepreneurs

Jun 13, 2024

This diverse episode takes you on Rochel Lawson’s journey of self-healing a stress trauma diagnosis that impacted her digestive system as she worked to create the first woman-owned, minority-owned telecommunications installation company in the United States.

Nicola and Rochel discuss women’s superpowers that have us constantly overworking but believing we can accomplish it all. As a result ,we get reactive in pursuit of survival with the focus on success, and lose parts of ourselves in the process. Rochel shares her priorities for success without losing her essence as a woman, and still accomplishing what fulfils her.

This is a super episode for women out there who are constantly seeking perfection, feel burned out and it gives new perspectives on how we can take care of ourselves to impact our younger generations, so they don’t repeat the same patterns us.

Nicola dives into Rochel’s latest "Unstoppable Women's Manifesto" book, a standout among business books for women entrepreneurs. It is about how to harness the power of principles, perfectly curated for women of all color and specifically black women business leaders, to transform mere ideas into profitable ventures that run seamlessly, even without daily intervention. Rochel takes us on Queen Nefertiti’s journey in Egypt and how to relate it to our current day experiences, and shares why African American woman don’t often get to discover this information.

Nicola shares her upcoming book Finding Your Queen, Living Life On Your Own Terms, Flawed, Raw and Brilliant, and how we can rediscover our Queen self and what this means.

Both Nicola and Rochel met each other by chance, is there such a thing? They share their passion for empowering women for transformation over the last 30 years, both Aquarians, working on different sides of the continent, this is an interesting listen to two women driven by the same mission to help women shape their destiny.