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Your Unique Brilliance: Self-Help for Entrepreneurs

Aug 10, 2023

Join Nicola on today’s show as she gets into a powerful conversation with Terre Short about building more certainty and confidence personally and at work with the words we choose.

Discover the advantages and benefits to business by creating greater engagement, sales and productivity by replacing phrases and words that...

Jan 25, 2023

Join Nicola as she interviews Laura Rhodes-Levin, LMFT and owner of the unique Missing Peace Center for Anxiety in California, as they discuss a wealth of topics including:

  • the increase in negativity at work in the last 10 years
  • anger and passive aggressiveness at work
  • the financial and productivity risk stress poses...

Aug 12, 2022

Today Sabrina Garba CEO of the Glass Ladder Group joins Nicola for an extensive yet concise discussion about moving into the age of increased cultural sensitivity at work, how she niched this market from her experiences growing up, exposure working with notable peer groups and leaders, whilst studying for her...

Mar 17, 2022

Ange Matthews is with Nicola today to discuss the power of your WOO. She is CEO of Leader Sauce a change management company that equips executives, managers, and teams to lead and succeed in our changed world of work.

Ange is a results-driven business executive and leadership expert with over 25 years of experience...

Oct 27, 2021

Today’s guest is the fabulous Sheli Dodaro Hernandez owner of the Clean Beauty Boutique and Salon Franchise in New Lenox, Illoinois. She is dedicated and on a mission to empower her community of women to help them create their own businesses with with the opportunity to start their own salon franchise. Clean Beauty...